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Our certification services enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards. We can help you gain the necessary certification you need to trade in your target markets, giving you, and your customers, the assurance you need – anywhere in the world.

ISO 9001  - Quality Management Systems

Implementing ISO 9001:2008 enables continuous improvement of your organisation’s quality management systems (QMS) and processes. In turn, this improves the ability of your operations to meet customer requirements and expectations. All requirements of ISO 9001:2008 are generic and are intended to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size and product provided.

Quality Management System certification from Alchemy will help your organisation develop and improve performance. ISO 9001:2008 certification enables you to demonstrate high levels of service quality when bidding for contracts and a valid ISO 9001:2008 certificate shows that your organisation follows internationally recognised quality management principles.

ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 FSMS (Food Safety Management System) specifies requirements for a food safety management system where an organization in the food chain needs to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of human consumption.

Since ISO 22000 is a generic food safety management standard it can be used by any organization directly or indirectly involved in the food chain including- Farms, Fisheries and Dairies, Processors of Meats, Fish and Feed, including Manufacturers of soups, snacks, bread, cereal, beverages, canned and frozen food, etc as well as food service providers such as restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals and hotels. It demonstrates commitment towards customer satisfaction and compliance with national and international regulations. It also improves your internal and external communications and organisation image. 

HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

HACCP Food Safety Management System is an International Management System certification criteria/requirements, an organization can opt to go for certification against HACCP Food Safety Management System The HACCP technique does this by identifying the risks, establishing critical control points, setting critical limits, and ensuring control measures are validated, verified and monitored before implementation.

HACCP involves a system approach to identification of hazard, assessment of chances of occurrence of hazards during each phase, raw material procurement, manufacturing, distribution, usage of food products, and in defining the measures for hazard control. It helps identify process improvements, reduces need and cost for end product testing and likelihood of product recall. HACCP Certification will also facilitate better understanding of food packaging safety issues in your organisation. 

OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Put your employees’ safety and well being at the top of your organization’s agenda with the implementation of OHSAS 18001:2007.

Sound occupational health and safety policies are essential for employees, but they are also increasingly important for your customers and other stakeholders. Occupational Health and Safety Management systems certification to OHSAS 18001 is a strong sign of your organization’s commitment to your employees’ health and safety.

Many organizations implement an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) as a fundamental part of their risk management strategy to address changing legislation and protect their workforce and other persons working under their control. OHSAS 18001 certification enables organizations to manage operational health and safety risks and improve performance. 
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Certification demonstrates commitment towards customer satisfaction and compliance with national and international regulations. It also improves your internal and external communications and organisation image.
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