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Alchemy Consultants offer hands on support doing all the jobs you find time consuming, without the headache of employing extra staff and diverting valuable resources.

  • With the current economic climate and constant cutting of business costs it makes sense to outsource activities such as Health and Safety. It is without a doubt an essential part of your business but not one that warrants the expense of a full time Health and Safety employee.

  • Good health and safety management means good business - not only in terms of reduced costs and reduced risks, but workers are healthier, happier and better motivated - and the reputation of the business is upheld.

  • As an employer you are required to ensure the health and safety of your employees as well as that of any visitors, contractors, members of the public and any other person that may be affected by your activities.

  • Hence, our system enables you to ensure that health and safety becomes part of the culture of your organisation, allowing you to focus on your core business activity.

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Fire can be catastrophic for a business in causing harm to employees, customers and the community, damage to premises, loss of stock and materials and interruption to trading. 
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