Inspections & Audits
Inspections and Audits
Alchemy Consultants can assess compliance with current legislation, codes of practice and best practice. They are carried out against agreed and weighted checklist criteria. An audit will focus on a full inspection of your premises, including a detailed review of the procedures and documentation; whereas inspection will focus on particular area(s) with review inspection and corrective actions.

At the end of the inspection / audit the results are discussed with the management team who will also be offered advice and guidance on improving their hygiene and safety performance. The audit report is scored and provides traffic light results as well as a detailed action plan.

Independent safety inspection or auditing within your business can:

» Provide a fresh, impartial perspective on your safety management systems

» Lead to an improved working environment

» Reduce risk of liabilities

» Minimise chance of accidents, injuries and food related incidents

» Enhance employee involvement and understanding of safety at work

» Increase employee awareness of safety issues.
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We examine each stage in management system by measuring compliance with the controls the organisation has developed, with the ultimate aim of assessing their effectiveness and their validity for the future.
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