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Our Perspective
What We Do

Alchemy Consultants can assist your business in completing all your risk assessments from simple straightforward assessments, through to complex, high-risk activities.

» Identify the hazards present in the workplace (a hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm e.g. trip hazards, slippery floors, electrical equipment, lifting heavy objects, stress, machinery/equipment, fire etc.)

» Identify the people at risk from the hazards, e.g. employees, contractors, visitors etc. Particularly vulnerable employees should also be considered, e.g. young people, new employees and new/expectant mothers

» Evaluate the risk, taking into account the likelihood and severity of any accidents. Existing controls that are already in place to reduce risks should be identified and evaluated

» Record the significant findings on a suitable form

» Review the risk assessment regularly, or when things change e.g. new equipment is purchased, processes change or an accident or near miss has occurred
Our Perspective

Employers in each workplace have a general duty to ensure the safety and health of workers in every aspect related to their work. The purpose of carrying out a risk assessment is to enable the employer to take the measures necessary for the safety and health protection of workers.

These measures include:

» Prevention of occupational risks;

» Providing information to workers;

» Providing training to workers;

» Providing the organisation and means to implement the necessary measures.

Whilst the purpose of risk assessment includes the prevention of occupational risks, and this should always be goal, it will not always be achievable in practice. Where elimination of risks is not possible, the risks should be reduced and the residual risk should be controlled. At a later stage, as part of a review program, such residual risk will be reassessed and the possibility of elimination of the risk, perhaps in the light of new knowledge, can be reconsidered.

Be Safe today; Don’t be Sorry tomorrow.