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What We Do

Alchemy Consultants work with clients big and small to help them not only fulfill their legal responsibilities but also to manage the risks to their business of interruption, damage and accident caused by fire.

We tailor the approach to the specific fire safety consultancy needs of our clients and the nature of their business across following aspects of managing Fire Risk:

Fire risk assessments – Our consultants will evaluate Fire Risks and audits current systems and processes to first ensure that fire safety procedures are maintained in accordance with legislation and secondly to identify and highlight specific risks and issues relating to Fire safety that require managing.

Fire Safety management – At Alchemy’s, we will develop systems and processes to prevent fire, to control and contain fires that do occur and to manage safe access and egress of people’s safety and quickly.  

Fire Strategy – for many of our clients, fire safety is not just about making sure the business is compliant and has appropriate policies in place in the event of fire; it’s about planning for business continuity, integrating fire safety into new premise development or office moves and evaluating fire risks throughout their supply chain. 

Monitor and Review – We will regular review and update of the fire risk assessment and procedures to ensure that everything remains relevant and up to date. 



Our Perspective

Fire can be catastrophic for a business in causing harm to employees, customers and the community, damage to premises, loss of stock and materials and interruption to trading. Not only is Fire Safety an essential legal responsibility for businesses, its potential impact means that it’s an important risk to be managed. 

Fire safety measures include those that are planned during the construction of a building or implemented in structures that are already standing, and those that are taught to occupants of the building.

There are so many pieces of Health and Safety regulations which can seem overwhelming at times, therefore can be difficult and time consuming. Why not let us take away the headache and do it all for you.