Food Safety Training
Health & Safety Trainings
Food Safety Training

Food Safety Awareness Training
Food Hygiene and Safety training course is designed to provide people who work alongside low-risk food with a basic knowledge of general food safety controls and procedures.

Level 2 – HACCP Training

This HACCP training course gives employers and employees who work with food an overview of HACCP, including how to implement and maintain a HACCP plan effectively to comply with regulations.

Level 3 – HACCP Training
This HACCP training course gives manager and supervisors who work with food an overview of HACCP, including how to implement and maintain a HACCP plan effectively to comply with regulations.

Level 2 - Food Hygiene & Safety in Catering / Manufacturing /     Retail

All food handlers in the catering sector can satisfy their legal requirement by taking this e-learning course. The course gives learners a basic awareness of good hygiene and safety issues and meets food industry recommendations.

Level 3- Supervising Food Safetyin Catering/Manufacturing /     Retail
The Level 3 Supervising Food Safety Course is designed for supervisors and food managers who require a broader understanding of food safety control in their sector. The course is recommended for anyone responsible for managing people in a food business.

Food Sanitation Training

​The food safety training is designed for all levels of management, from Technician to Manager. For the technician there will be hands on training on how to clean, what to clean, where to clean, what chemicals to use, etc.

Food Allergens Essential
Food allergen training is useful if you prepare or serve food for other people.  The learning provides the essential information needed to keep your customers with allergies safe.
Health & Safety Trainings

Level 2 Health & Safety
This Level 2 Health and Safety Induction provides employees with the requisite knowledge needed in order to ensure that legal responsibilities, accident prevention and key areas of health and safety are understood.

Level 3 Health & Safety in Workplace
This Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace training course provides managers and supervisors with a thorough understanding of the different health and safety issues in the workplace by detailing the legal obligations, providing information on how to undertake relevant risk assessments and explaining how to ensure that appropriate control measures are in place.

Asbestos Awareness Training
This Asbestos Awareness Training Course provides details on how to undergo an asbestos risk assessment and ensure that relevant control measures are put in place.

Manual Handling Training
This manual handling training provides the necessary information to ensure employees understand the risks associated with manual handling and know how to put appropriate control measures in place.

Fire Safety
This online Fire Safety Training Course ensures your compliance with fire safety regulations by ensuring employees are provided with an adequate knowledge of the risks associated with workplace fires, including an understanding of how fires start and what safety precautions must be put in place.

Electrical Safety
This Electrical Safety Course ensures workers are appropriately trained in electrical hazards to ensure that they can implement measures to reduce the risks and work without danger.

Display Screen Equipment Training
This DSE Training Course provides employees with the appropriate knowledge on how to use workstations correctly in order to reduce the health and safety risks.